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Next Monday's waste collection day is for Household Waste (Black Bags) and Bottles & Cans (Green Boxes)
Ladywood Police and Community Tasking Meetings

The next meeting is on Thursday 7th November

Ladywood Police and Community Tasking Meetings take place on the first Thursday of each month at 7.00pm.

Summerfield Police Station, Icknield Port Road, Ladywood, B16 0RE

(There will be parking at the rear if required)

The purpose of the meeting is to understand the issues across Ladywood that affect local residents, businesses and visitors.
Issues can range from parking, crime, youth problems to anti social behaviour.
It would be useful for a representative from each group attend to raise the issues for their area.
Once the issues are gathered, as a group we can decide the priorities and what action we can take. If the issue requires further input from housing, environmental, councillors, highway or another service provider this will be raised at the monthly meeting that will be held between Police and Partners called Neighbourhood Tasking and further discussion will be had.
The issues will be posted on the West Midlands Police Website and feedback will be via the site and the Community Tasking Meeting.

Have your say about policing and the key community safety issues in your neighbourhood.

The surveys will be available online until 27th October. Please click on the link below:-