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Next Monday's waste collection day is for Household Waste (Black Bags) and Bottles & Cans (Green Boxes)
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Garden Competition - 2015

This year's competition, unlike previous years, was based on individual gardens; each garden entered was graded by the judges. Despite the inclement weather, they made it round the area and joined us all for refreshments at the Coplow Street Grow Site.

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Standing Up for Birmingham - 2015

NSRA has been awarded a Certificate of Recognition by Birmingham Council in respect of the work that has been put in by our Residents and our contribution to the Community...

In Bloom 2014

At the Awards Ceremony on Wednesday., 17th September, North Summerfield was awarded the highest level for the third year in a row:-


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North Summerfield Residents

The North Summerfield Residents Association, (NSRA), was founded in 2004, to provide an interface to the Council during the SRB6 scheme. We have worked hard in this area and seen many environmental improvements over recent years.

We meet on a regular basis, anyone is welcome, and we provide a forum to discuss our problems with our Councillors, members of the Birmingham City Council, the West Midlands Police and other local bodies. As a result, we have been able to resolve a few disputes between residents and to bring to the Council's attention situations which need to be remedied or tidied up. These meetings are also very useful for giving us early warning of proposed plans that may affect our area.

On this website, we try to provide a regular flow of information about happenings in and around Ladywood and the North Summerfield area in particular, with links for quick access to Council, Police and other relevant sites. Please feel free to contact us via email at mail@northsummerfield.org.uk or from this website, using the 'Contact Us' link.