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Coplow Street Grow Site

Grow It, Eat It, Move It, Live It

The original creation of the project was funded by the Heart of Birmingham PCT together with a number of other departments. There are four main aspects to the project: Growing food, cooking it effectively, becoming fitter, and reclaiming public open spaces.

Phase II - 2010

At the end of Phase IIa, we had 8 beds, each 14ft by 5ft x 18ins complete with topsoil. Each member was allocated half a bed, giving us rather more than we had last year - and the number of members could increase to 16. With a bit of sharing, we actually increased to 18 active members and a waiting list.

Phase 11a also left us with another 5, slightly smaller beds, but with no topsoil. We had applied for further funding to acquire the topsoil but it was decided that, as the waiting list was growing and the seasons were moving on, we would go ahead and get the topsoil, using temporary finance. Twenty tons of topsoil was delivered on 13th April but, unfortunately, the truck would not fit through our gates!

Undeterred, a working party fromed by the members, barrowed the earth into the empty beds and we had enough for 16 builder's bags to provide extra growing space. Another working party set about the acquisition of a ton of horse manure, though this involved a bit of digging ourselves!

As a result, we now have 27 families from our local neighbourhood involved in growing their own vegetables.

In Phase III, we hope to build another 4 beds, which will be higher than the existing ones to provide facilities for disabled members and those who find it difficult to bend.

Because of the economic situation, GEML's activities are being cut back and NSRA is taking over much of the day-to-day administration of the site. A sub-committee has been formed for this purpose; if you are interested in joining us, you would be very welcome!